Le Eden de la Grisaia Episode #05

Seems that Yuuji Kazami is in trouble now that Heath Oslo has arrived, but it seems that he’s currently in custody by a mysterious group. So I guess that he’s safe, right?

Nope, not from these girls as Amane and the gang are gonna find Yuuji and rescue him. Oh, and they can never go back as Mihama Academy closes its doors!

So with that said, they’re gonna pull all-nighters and do various means until they found a clue on Yuuji’s whereabouts.

Of course, they shouldn’t forget on taking nutrition in order to stay focused. But then again, sucking up a sweet bean jelly is so frickin’ lewd! Um, why don’t you chomp that dick jelly!

Unfortunately, they didn’t found a clue on where Yuuji is. However, Yumiko found Yuuji’s former colleague who has a clue on what’s currently happening on this series. Yup, this former colleague is Robert Wallson who is now living in Japan under his alias: James Okada.

In any case, Robbie said to Yumiko that Heath Oslo’s true intention is to capture a super-computer called the Thanatos System, which houses a brain cell or a genius and it’s somehow related to Yuuji Kazami. I wonder if he’s referring to Yuuji’s lost sister?

Speaking of the Thanatos System, it’s confirmed that the semi-organic computer houses Kazuki Kazami. Yuuji-kun couldn’t believe it!

Now then, there are many questions surrounding the Thanatos System like why Heath Oslo wanted a super-computer in the first place, and what happened to Kazuki’s body if someone gutted her brain out.

Anyways, next week is gonna get serious as the girls leave Mihama Academy to find Yuuji Kazami and somehow stop a terrorist along the way!

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