Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid Episode #07

It’s Part 2 of their mock battle, and it seems that Fate is in a pinch! Might as well change to Sonic Form.

But then, Erio Mondial ambushed Fate Testarossa and her barrier jacket got ripped! Sure that Fate’s Sonic Form is good at dodging, but it couldn’t tank attacks. Therefore, enjoy some fanservice courtesy of Fate-chan!

In any case, Nanoha’s team decides to have two members ganging-up a single enemy. It works for the most part…

But there are people like Corona who can take both enemies. Just a rocket punch away from her golem…

…sends both Lutecia and Rio flying. See, I knew that Corona can do it as long as her golem is left standing!

But, she’s no match against Nanoha Takamachi as she’s preparing to fire her signature attack Starlight Breaker.

Of course, Nanoha isn’t the only who can perform her famous attack as Teana Lanster can do it too! So, they fired their respective Starlight Breaker and both of their attacks collided as if they’re doing a nuclear fission.

And the results speaks for itself as everyone who caught on the explosion are either incapacitated or barely alive!

But most of them are completely wiped out like Fate-chan (again with the fanservice) and Erio for example. Too bad for those two combatants!

And surprisingly, Nanoha too as she couldn’t take the sheer amount of force of her Starlight Breaker. As for Teana though, she was defeated afterwards by a surviving member of Nanoha’s team.

That’s right, I’m referring to Vivio Takamachi as she engages Einhart Stratos and beat her to level the score. She succeeds on making a clean hit against Einhart…

…but she counter-attacked Vivio before fainting into the ground. Ouch, and Vivio-chan almost won against Einhart!

Oh well, this mock battle ended in a draw and let’s just say that it was a crazy finish. After all, everyone gave their all on this battle even though it’s supposed to be an exhibition match!

But that’s about it for their summer camp as Vivio and friends returned to Mid-Childa to do some homework and prepare for the Inter-Middle Championship!

Meanwhile, it’s great to see Hayate Yagami and her Wolkenritter (plus Agito and Reinforce Zwei) returned in ViVid. As you can see, they’re excited to watch the upcoming tournament!

Speaking of Yagami, seems that she’s making an Intelligent Device similar to Vivio-chan, but suited for Einhart Stratos and her Hegemon-style Martial Arts as Hayate-chan has knowledge on Ancient Belka technology.

I can’t wait to see Einhart’s partner in future episodes!

Oh yeah, and let’s end this post as I introduce you to Miura Rinaldi as she’s being trained by Zafira for the upcoming Inter-Middle Championship.

Of course, she’s not the only combatant introduced so far as there’s more coming up next week!

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