Free! Eternal Summer Episode #14

Well guys and girls, it’s been a while since I covered Free! Eternal Summer. Oh yeah, and please enjoy some maid service…

…courtesy of Aiichirou Nitori. Honestly, Ai-chan looked great in a maid costume!

Anyways, the Iwatobi Swim Club visited Samezuka Academy for a school festival. C’mon, they need to have fun sometimes!

Oh yeah, and the Samezuka Swim Club is hosting a cafe where you have Rin the Butler serving you omelet rice and other staples! By the way, only third-year students can wear butler garbs.

Which means that first and second-year students will have to wear maid uniforms. Now if you excuse me, I need to put some eye-bleach after seeing Momotarou’s rear (not panties by the way)!

After visiting the maid cafe, Rin challenged Haruka in a survival game but with a twist. Instead of club vs club, it’s a mix of both Iwatobi and Samezuka members so we have Rin teaming up with Makoto and vice versa.

By the way, I wish they would play like in Splatoon but the teaching staff might scold both swim clubs for painting the campus with squid ink!

In any case, the match went off to a good start as the Blue Team is dominating the competition. Of course, they have to sacrifice some bystanders in order to stay ahead like Sousuke using Kisumi Shigino as a shield.

On another note, Makoto got splashed by Nagisa late in the game.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget Gou Matsuoka as she got drenched as well. Good thing Sousuke took his uniform off and gave it to Gou-chan right after beating Nitori. C’mon, she doesn’t want to catch a cold!

Speaking of Sousuke, it seems that he’s starting to become cooperative towards Haruka. After all, they don’t talk each other much since they’re rivals during the TV run of Free! Eternal Summer.

And now, it’s a great opportunity to both of them to work together for a greater cause which is beating Rin.

Too bad though as Rin ambushed them as both Sousuke and Haruka are caught in a trap… by seeing a cat instead of that shark-teethed captain of the Samezuka Swim Club.

Sorry you two, better prepare your bodies for Rin Matsuoka!

But then again, Sousuke took Rin’s attack instead of Haruka. I salute you, Sou-chan!

Now it’s up to Haruka to take the win for the Blue Team…

On the other hand, seems that Kyoto Animation and Animation DO defied physics with this one. This isn’t possible to just bend water this way!

But with that said, victory goes to the Red Team for this survival game. Man, it’s so anti-climatic as Haruka takes the plunge instead of dodging it!

Oh well, all’s well that ends well for this special episode.

And that’s about it for Free! Eternal Summer as both swim clubs have fun at the school festival!

Of course, it’s not the end though for this swimming anime series as there would be a film coming up in the near future. So until then, we have to say good-bye to both Iwatobi and Samezuka Swim Club!

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