Sound! Euphonium Episode #07

Well, I haven’t talked about Kumiko’s childhood friends for a while. So on this week’s episode, let’s talk about them shall we?

This is Shuichi Tsukamoto, one of Kumiko’s friends who currently played the trombone at the concert band club. Apart from having complaints on Asuka-sempai being too perfect for a club vice-president, Shuichi bumps onto Hazuki most of the time.

Could it be that Katou might have a crush on Tsukamoto in the future? I hope so…

Meanwhike, there’s also Kumiko’s older friend Aoi Saito who is planning to focus on passing the college exam than playing her tenor saxophone.

While she previously aiming for the nationals last year, it seems that Aoi-chan doesn’t care about exerting effort on going past the regional qualifiers anymore. Therefore, Aoi-chan quit the concert band club as she doesn’t want to be a burden.

Well it was a best decision coming from Saito-sempai, but not everyone couldn’t accept it…

Take club president Haruka Ogasawara for example as she’s devastated on not doing everything to have Aoi-chan stay. After all, she already saw most of the club members quit last year.

With the club moving forward without her, it’s sad that Aoi Saito will have to quit as a musician in order to secure her academic future. On the other hand, Aoi-sempai is passing her blessing to her junior friend Kumiko so I’m hoping that Oumae would carry her will towards the audition and beyond!

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