Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru. Zoku Episode #08

You know Hikky, I think you need to catch a break with Hiratsuka-sensei. C’mon, Shizuka-san needs company on her road trip and she’s driving an Aston Martin rental car for freaking sake!

In any case, things aren’t doing well for the joint school festival…

So anyway, Hachiman has no other choice but to ask Yukinon for help. But then, she refuses as the whole mess is Hikigaya’s fault and he must fix it all by himself.

Man, what a cold reply to Hikky when he need a helping hand in dire situation such as this!

Oh yeah, and here’s a rare moment when Hikky got a bit emotional. Even though he’s controlling it, you can see that Hachiman is shedding some tears!

With Hikigaya showing some geniune emotions, I think it’s time for Yukinoshita to open up her heart for both him and Yuigahama. But you know what, those three members of the Volunteer Club should have become true companions after Season 1.

But all’s well that ends well with Yukinon and Yui lending a hand to Hikky on solving the school festival crisis.

Now then, let’s hope that all three could work together to save Iroha-chan’s reputation next week!

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