Ore Monogatari!! Episode #07

Here’s something different on this episode, as Takeo received a request from the judo club as they’re one-man short for the upcoming match against Bianka High School.

While he didn’t join that club on his first day, Gouda accept their request to join them for a month!

Oh, and did I forgot to tell you that Takeo Gouda is one of the best judo practitioners in the country. While not being the best worldwide, Takeo-kun is strong on the mat!

In any case, he’ll be training day and night in preparation for the upcoming match, which means that he won’t be with Rinko Yamato for the time being.

Speaking of Yamato, she took a peek on how strong Takeo-kun is. Of course, Rinko don’t want to disrupt Gouda’s focus if she went inside the club room.

Oh yeah, and Rinko-chan is still making macaroons for Takeo-kun, although she made it too much! Sorry Sunakawa, but you have to bring most of the macaroons to your neighbor!

Anyways, onto the judo match against Bianka High School where I introduce you to Tsuyoshi Iwayama!

He’s a close rival to Takeo back in middle school, but he’s furious that Gouda has a girlfriend. Well, it can’t be helped then…

In any case, the match begins between Gouda and Iwayama as the score is tied for both clubs!

As for Iwayama, he’s confident that he’ll win this decisive match as Gouda spends his time doting his girlfriend. Tsuyoshi is wrong though…

…as he got beaten by Takeo with a clean throw. Sorry Tsuyoshi, but Takeo got stronger not just because of his girlfriend Rinko, but he trained hard for a month!

On the other hand, Takeo shows great sportsmanship by giving Tsuyoshi a hand to get up from the mat.

Gotta say, helping an opponent getting up after the match is the manliest thing I’ve ever seen!

See Iwayama, there’s no hard feelings as Gouda is a humble person who don’t berate his opponents! But that’s about it for this episode…

…and Rinko Yamato was impressed at Takeo-kun’s strength as a judo practitioner! Let’s hope that she doesn’t faint!

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