The Disappearance of Yuki Nagato-chan Episode #08

Well Kyon, looks like you have to be with Itsuki for the time being… Hope that you win in Othello or other board games!

In any case, the gang are staying at the local inn where they can enjoy bathing at the hot springs.

Speaking of Yuki-chan, seems that she’s getting a bit chubby. See, I told you that eating a lot of snack food last week won’t go over to your chest!

Oh yeah, and Yuki looked cute without her glasses. Too bad that she don’t act like the original Nagato.

Moving onto the main event as Tsuruya-san and Haruhi-chan are currently relaxing at the hot springs.

On the other hand, where’s Mikuru-chan?

Oh I see, she came here late! On the other hand, her breasts grew larger lately…

You know what they’re thinking, looks like it’s time to grope Mikuru’s boobies to find out! Sadly, only Haruhi and Tsuruya-san will do the deed…

Afterwards, it’s time for the 15,498th table tennis tourna- Wait a minute, this spin-off has entered an endless recursion of time! Dammit Endless Eight!!!

Also, Kyon-kun got beaten by Itsuki Koizumi easily. My condolences there…

But anyways, let’s hope that next week will have the gang get out of Endless Eight!

Oh yeah Yuki-chan, try cutting down on eating food as you might get fat. Then again, she wouldn’t resist on eating this succulent piece of beef!

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