Highschool DxD BorN Episode #08

Akeno and Rias… Both senior members of the Occult Research Club are competing against each other because of Issei Hyoudou, not to mention beating some of Diodora’s underlings who are composed of former nuns.

Oh yeah, and it seems that Akeno will have another date with her cute junior Issei-kun!

Meanwhile, Issei does his thing by beating all of those small-fries with his Dress Break. It works…

…but Diodora is aware of his technique as all of his peers have no sense of embarrassment. Damn, he got ahead of Issei-kun!

Luckily, he has a new ability to show off on this episode. Actually, Issei previously earned that ability back in Episode 5 in which he understands Akeno’s heart by grabbing her boobies.

But in this case, the Red Dragon Emperor used his new ability on a large scale!

Called Pailingual (or Breast Translation), Issei can understand their thoughts and plans through their breasts.

Therefore, Issei can make a counter-attack plan where Gaspar freezes those girls and Koneko-chan attack them! It’s a vital ability, but I don’t know if he can use it in future rating games.

Oh hey Freed Sellzen, you’re back but you looked different this time. He’s still a goddamn bastard though…

…and he got one-shotted by Kiba-kun! Well, that takes care of those small-fries as it’s time to face Diodora Astaroth!

And look at his goddamn face, he’s freaking bad news! Oh yeah, and he’s planning to take Asia Argento right after she was excommunicated. But unfortunately, Rias Gremory beat him to the punch right after destroying Raynare.

And so, he’s planning to rape Asia right after he beat Issei Hyoudou and the rest of the Occult Research Club! Sorry for repeating “right after” three times, but I couldn’t stand his face much like Nobuyuki Sugou!

Unfortunately for Diodora, he got sucker-punched into the gut which is the most satisfying event I’ve ever seen on this episode!

Sorry Diodora, but being a pure-blooded devil doesn’t mean that you’re stronger than anyone.

Also, it takes a lot of BOOSTO to beat the shit out of you. But then again, I wish that you’re dead after being pummeled by the Red Dragon Emperor!

In any case, Diodora Astaroth is defeated and now it’s time to save Asia!

Of course, it takes a special version of his Dress Break in order to “break” her free as Asia might die if Issei made a wrong move.

Then again, who needs traps if Issei can destroy it. But the good thing is that Asia Argento is finally freed!

Great job for the Occult Research Club on making a daring rescue, not to mention beating Diodora at his own game!

And now, Asia said thanks with a prayer. Unfortunately, it’s a bad idea as God is not only dead on this series…

…but Asia got spirited away. Damn you Diodora, you got some nerve to pull this trick!

Fuck, I can’t even comprehend on what the hell happened at the end of this episode. Oh well, time to RAGE!!!

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