Hello! Kiniro Mosaic Episode #08

Wow Ayaya, you sure have great waist for a bikini. By the way, it’s a compliment and not a harassment!

Anyways, summer is coming and they’re excited for their upcoming vacation.

While the gang went hiking last time, seems that Yoko wants to go to the beach. Oh, and having a summer part-time job is great too as Karen shows. But then again, she might turn into Chiho Sasaki from Hataraku Maou-sama!

On the other hand, I haven’t introduced to her parents as they drive to the restaurant on a Mini Cooper. Classy choice there, Kujo-san!

But anyways, I hope that their summer vacation would happen next week! They’re looking forward to that…

Well, except for Shino-chan as she might spend her summer taking classes. Ouch!

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