Le Eden de la Grisaia Episode #06

Well guys and girls, here’s their new hideout: A houseboat that’s convenient for going various places undetected.

As for driving it, Amane Suou will take care of that if things get dicey!

Oh, and while Amane and the rest won’t return to their normal lives, seems that they have an unexpected ally in the form of the Thanatos System. Said super-computer houses Kazuki Kazami’s conscience, but let’s not reveal to those girls about her identity. C’mon, the rest of the girls would get surprised that Yuuji’s sister is helping them.

On the plus side, Kazuki wasn’t acting like a yandere on this occasion ’cause Amane and the gang would be dead right now! Remember that Kazuki is harboring incestuous feelings towards Yuuji, but we all know that he banged Asako first!

Meanwhile, Kazuki explained to Yuuji that she was alive after seeing all of her club members die and being rescued. Yes, it’s a sad event that haunts Amane Suou to this day.

However, a certain person named Ichigaya had an idea of using her brain tissue to make a super-computer and thus the Thanatos System was born. Whoever did something bad to Kazuki’s body is an asshole!

Speaking of the Thanatos System, Heath Oslo wanted to use the super-computer as he smuggled a nuclear bomb. Think about it, combining both the bomb and the system would be disastrous!

So the Japanese government are negotiating with Mr. Oslo to spare 80% control of the Thanatos System in exchange for Yuuji Kazami, as it revealed that he’s actually part of a super soldier program from Heath’s terrorist organization.

By the way, Heath Oslo is excited to see Yuuji Kazami back, apart from taking 1/5th of the super-computer. Let’s not forget that he’s a creepy molester!

Oh look, it’s Yuuji and- Wait, what happened to your hair and your eyes?

If he’s the real Yuuji Kazami, I think he would kill Heath Oslo by now. If not, I would like to tell you that Mr. Oslo is planning to use his genes to make an army of Yuuji clones. Scary stuff!

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