Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode #00

This is Kaori Miyazono, the loli version who is so damn cute that I wanna take her home! Sadly though, her grim fate on the final episode still haunts me to this day…

Anyways, here’s an OVA episode for Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. However, it served as Episode 0 for this series as it focused on Kousei Arima’s two rivals: Emi Igawa and Takeshi Aiza.

But let’s start with Kousei-kun as his first piano performance was beautiful despite being shaky at first. But overtime, Kousei plays like a human metronome because his sick mother said so.

For those who watched the series, Kousei went to a healing process of moving onto his mother’s death and accepting Kaori’s tragic fate as he got better. But let’s move onto his rivals and why they took up playing the piano.

For Emi Igawa, she represents as a “performer” after seeing Kousei’s first piano performance. Her play style is very passionate due to her jealousy towards Arima-kun… or so it says.

In fact, Emi got tendonitis at some point on her career due to over-exertion. Despite the injuries, Emi continues to dazzle the crowd by bringing strong emotion to her piano performance.

For Takeshi Aiza however, he’s the “technician” as Takeshi saw Kousei as an invincible hero (which is not) due to Arima playing it note-by-note. Unfortunately, Takeshi couldn’t be like Kousei Arima simply because he couldn’t play perfectly like his idol.

On the plus side, Takeshi’s life didn’t turn for the worse like Kousei (before and after his mother’s death) as he would become a successful pianist in his own right.

But that’s about it for this special episode of KimiUso. While it’s nice to see both of Kousei’s rival and their origins, I feel that I already saw the gist of it during its TV run.

It would be better if A-1 Pictures would made an OVA episode on Kaori Miyazono’s early days or an epilogue, but I guess they can only made this episode focusing on Emi and Takeshi. In any case, it’s the end of KimiUso!

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