Sound! Euphonium Episode #08

Well, seems that we have a new couple on this series: Riko Nagase and Takuya Gotou.

Congratulations, but it’s too early to hook those two up as they have practice! Save that up for summer vacation or something!

Then again, both Riko-chan and Takuya-kun will hook up eventually as this episode goes into festival mode. That’s right, Agata Festival has landed in Kitauji!

On the other hand, seems that Hazuki Katou has a crush on Shuichi Tsukamoto which is why Hazuki-chan invited him to the festival. But when she finally confessed her feelings to Tsukamoto, he rejected Hazuki as Shuichi has a crush on Kumiko-chan.

Sorry Hazuki, but it’s time for you to hang-out with Sapphire and her cute little sister!

Meanwhile, a certain aloof Reina Kousaka invited Kumiko Oumae for a hike while bringing their instruments at their back. Although you wearing cute clothes on this occasion Kousaka-san, climbing up mountains while bringing your trumpet isn’t cute!

On the other hand, Reina is interested in Kumiko-chan… romantically. That’s right, she’s homo for Kumiko!

Of course, there’s a question of which person she would choose as we now have a love triangle on Sound! Euphonium. Then again, Kumiko doesn’t care about relationships just yet, not even the upcoming competition.

And speaking of the competition, the audition has begun. If Kumiko make the cut, I hope she take the competition seriously but not too serious like Reina Kousaka!

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