Shinmai Maou no Testament Episodes #03 & 04

Yuki Nonaka shows to her childhood friend that letting Mio Naruse roam free in this world would cause more trouble than it should.

As you can see, low-level demons are now attracting to Mio’s powers so it would be a pain in the ass to eliminate those small-fries!

Also, nice angle there and that shimapan is gorgeous!

Meanwhile, here’s some shenanigans from the Toujou Household as Basara’s back is being scrubbed by Mio… using her breasts ’cause who needs sponges nor wet towels.

Oh, and let’s bring some cake in the bathroom ’cause why not! Actually, Maria dropped the cake onto the tiled floor and some of the icing got spilled onto Basara’s arm…

But who cares as she and Mio will just lick it up real good~! Although it looked so hot, but it’s a bad idea as Basara might rape both of them!

Yeah, both the demon lord heir and the succubus. But then again, it was just a dream made up by Maria… half of it actually!

By the way, I forgot to introduce Yahiro Takigawa and he’s the only male friend that Basara has right now, ’cause all of the guys got jealous of Toujou because he has Yuki and Mio!

Too bad though as he won’t be involved in Basara’s battles against demons who threatened Mio Naruse as always. Well, it’s better than dragging a bystander into danger!

Anyways, time to rescue Mio ’cause she’s a future demon lord. Now who’s responsible for endangering her life?

Well, this masked guy right here named Lars. But come to think of it, his hair and voice looked similar to Takigawa. Man, this baddie couldn’t be him!

But anyways, Lars wants nothing more than Mio’s demonic powers…

Oh, and he’ll do it the hard way by stabbing Basara in the back. Damn, say it ain’t so for Toujou-kun!

Since Mio doesn’t like seeing someone dying in front of her eyes, she surrenders to Lars.

But then, he was interrupted by Yuki-chan as she’s already suit up to avenge Basara’s untimely death!

Although she broke Lars’ barrier, it’s not enough for Yuki Nonaka to beat him. If only Basara was alive to beat this guy…

Turns out, he’s back from the dead as Toujou-kun shows his secret technique: Vanishing Shift. This technique nullifies all attacks as Basara sends them into a zero dimension!

Oh yeah, and Basara used that technique five years ago against a fellow hero who wielded a cursed sword Brynhildr. Said sword housed evil spirits which the unfortunate hero got possessed and attack those villagers.

Although Basara defeated the wielder of Brynhildr by using Vanishing Shift, it comes at a price as most of the innocent villagers got caught on Toujou’s technique. As for the sword Brynhildr? Well, he’s currently wielding it as the sword no longer houses evil spirits ’cause Basara sends them to zero!

And that’s how Lars got beaten by the exiled hero. Even though you sounded like Takigawa, you’re an asshole that must be defeated!

But hey, Mio is safe and Maria is happy to have her master back. So I guess it’s time to return to their home for some family bonding, right?

Well, not quite unfortunately. Oh my god, Lars’ surviving henchman killed Basara again. Those bastards!

Luckily, Mio got angry and killed the last demon. However, she couldn’t control her demonic powers as Mio saw Basara-niichan dead!

Well, it’s too dangerous to keep her alive then…

But wait, Toujou-kun got back up again like it was nothing… barely! Damn, are you fuckin’ invincible that you’re Tatsuya Shiba? Forget that Tatsuya Shiba part as Basara Toujou’s body can take fatal hits, as I found out that he was train to take multiple punishment when dealing monsters and other baddies!

Of course, there’s no time to celebrate as Basara will have to deal with Mio’s powers. C’mon, the heroes are gonna kill her if she went rampant!

But you know what, let’s do the impossible by having Toujou-kun use Vanishing Shift on his sister. It’s worth the risk than doing nothing And yet, it works as he successfully suppressed her powers, so way to go there Basara Toujou!

With that said, Mio Naruse is saved and they lived happily ever after! Just kidding, there’s still 8 episodes to go… Oh yeah, what happened to Yahiro Takigawa?

Well, he’s okay and- Wait, is Takigawa channeling his dark aura at Basara? Don’t tell me that he’s actually Lars who attacked Mio yesterday!

Unfortunately, Basara knows that he’s the one who attacked them and Takigawa is actually the current observer to Mio Naruse (Yuki Nonaka is also an observer by the way). However, he tries to negotiate on Takigawa-kun on a truce since they’re best friends. Um Basara-kun, I don’t think a truce will solve anything as Yahiro might betray you!

One more thing, Takigawa revealed to Toujou that the previous observer named Zolgear was responsible for killing Mio’s adoptive parents. Well, we got new plot development on Shinmai Maou, but you know that boobies and sexual antics are the main plot for this series!

Speaking of sexual antics, they’ll do it most of the day (with Maria’s help) as life returns to normal for Basara and Mio.

They’re acting normal outside, but Mio becomes a submissive devil despite resisting it (and much of Basara’s annoyance) at home!

Oh, and Basara’s family life will be complete hell once Yuki is involved. Of course, it’s not like she’ll do ecchi things to her childhood friend while Mio-sama is watching… Reverse-NTR, anyone?

And that’s about it for Episodes 3 and 4 (and the conclusion of Volume 1 of the original light novel series). Tune in next time as I cover Episodes 5 and 6 of Shinmai Maou no Testament! See ya in June…

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