Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku Episode #08

Otone Fujishiro, watering plants and talking to butterflies like a litter girl… Something Eruna would get turned on by that!

See, she’s ready to sting Otone-chan good, but then again Fujishiro snubbed Ichinomiya as always!

And sadly for Otone, she’s was paired to Eruna for a treasure hunt. Sucks for her, but it’s for Otone’s sake since she’s acting tsundere all the time!

But hey, it’s a great opportunity to open her heart for everyone, especially Eruna-chan where she’s finding members for her club.

See, Otone invited Eruna to her secret cottage where she tends Ichinomiya’s injured leg and have tea together.

In any case, I want Otone to act nicer like on this episode! I mean, she maybe haughty but Fujishiro wants company!

Sadly, their teatime has ended when Mecha Bimii attacked the cottage. Good thing Eruna destroyed it with her Toy Gun!

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