The Disappearance of Yuki Nagato-chan Episode #09

Let’s continue what we left off last week as Haruhi and the Literature Club are still partying on their summer vacation!

And by the way, I found out that the inn they’re staying was owned by Tsuruya-san’s family. Not surprising there considering that they’re freaking rich!

In any case, they’re playing Old Maid ’cause nothing is more fun than playing card games at midnight!

On the other hand, seems that both Yuki-chan and Kyon are in a bind since Itsuki, Haruhi, and Ryouko are good at playing Old Maid and other card games.

In the end though, both of them won most of the games… somewhat by sheer luck. Yeah, they got away from Haruhi’s ridiculous punishment ranging from buying drinks to squatting 50 times at the bathtub!

After playing card games, Yuki and Kyon went outside to see the stars. But since Asakura-san couldn’t want Nagato-san to cross the intimate line, she followed them together with Haruhi, Mikuru, and Tsuruya-san.

I guess you can’t have your time alone with Kyon, Yuki-chan! On the other hand, where’s Itsuki?

Oh, he just bought some snacks for this sight-seeing event. Great job there Koizumi-kun, but I know that you’ll be taking a bath afterwards since going up on a hill is so tiring!

And so their summer vacation/training camp has ended, and the best parts is that they’re not stuck in the endless recursion of time ala Endless Eight…

Okay, seems that I’ve spoke too soon as Yuki-chan is about to get hit by a car. Oh shit, this ain’t good to end this week’s episode!

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