Hello! Kiniro Mosaic Episode #09

Oh look, here’s something different… It’s Karen and Alice playing tennis, just in time for this summer vacation episode!

Dammit Shino-chan, stop panting like you’re masturbating! By the way, Honoka-chan is a member of the tennis club, but she’s not that good like the rest.

Meanwhile, Aya-chan visited Yoko’s house just to present their summer vacation plan. After all, she doesn’t want to see Yoko asking for help on the last day of vacation!

But you know what, Ayaya just wanna see Yoko ’cause she secretly has feelings for her. C’mon, tsundere antics!

Oh yeah, and Yoko-chan is wearing Aya’s clothes to try out for a girly look. But it seems that it’s a bit tight when it comes to the chest part!

Well, let’s not forget that Aya-chan’s chest is a bit small compared to the rest of the cast, so I felt pity towards her flatness.

On the other hand, she wants to grab Yoko’s boobies for a change!

Now we’re moving onto the Omiya Residence where Shinobu is doing a cosplay party!

By the way, Shino-chan said that she had a new look today but I don’t see anything significant on her appearance.

Then again, they don’t mind about Shino’s new hair-style. I guess they stare her cat-maid uniform too much!

Anyways, the girls are going to the beach next week… for reals this time!

Also, let’s end this episode where Shino and her friends have fun dressing up as princesses and maids!

See, even Karen looked great with every dress she wears! One more thing, I’m hoping that Honoka won’t eat Karen’s blonde hair just like Shino-chan…

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