Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid Episode #09

While Vivio-chan and her friends have moved to the next round with their win, let’s introduce two more competitors before moving onto the main event.

This is Sieglinde Eremiah, former champion of the Inter-Middle Championship who was caught eating popcorn by her friend!

Sitting beside Sieglinde is her blonde friend named Victoria Dahlgrün, who is a 6-time veteran and a semi-finalist.

She’s eager to beat her friendly rival Sieg and win the tournament this year, but Victor-chan would have to face tougher opponents…

Oppponents include Hallie Tribeca, a delinquent whose fists can shoot fireballs and beat opponents with a single devastating punch!

Anyways, she’s up against Els Tasmin who specializes in binding opponents. In Tasmin’s mind, this match is in the bag as she can out-smart an idiot fighter like Tribeca…

However, Hallie overcome Els’ bind magic and reel her in for a fiery punch.

Well, seems that restraining a punk like Hallie Tribeca didn’t work after all! But with that said, Hallie takes the win!

Here’s the next match as Miura Rinaldi faces Mikaya Chevelle, another Inter-Middle veteran who can cut anything with her Tendou-style battoujutsu (if you’re not careful).

And as you can see, Miura is having a hard time landing a hit on her opponent. Due to their differences in experience, looks like Nove’s buddy would win this match!

But despite the odds against her, Miura made a comeback and beat Mikaya with a single devastating kick. In any case, looks like an upset has been made on this tournament!

Anyways, more Inter-Middle Championship action next episode…

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