Le Eden de la Grisaia Episode #07

Oh look, it’s Chizuru Tachibana and she got a call from a certain Thanatos, telling her that Chizuru was hired to a new school.

Just hoping that her workplace isn’t like Mihama Academy and all the crazy shit!

Anyways, the girls are ready to rescue Yuuji Kazami. However, they need funds in order to buy equipment and other important stuff.

As you can see, both Yumiko and Michiru bartered their way to buy Makina’s new toy: A pink-colored Barrett M107 Anti-Tank Sniper Rifle! Great choice there for Yuuji’s disciple…

Also, nice ass there Makina-chan, I think you’ll succeed Sinon-chan in the future!

Anyways, there’s no much time left for those girls as Heath Oslo is planning to capture the real Yuuji Kazami and use his genes to make Yuuji clones. In any case, see ya next week!

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