Sound! Euphonium Episode #09

Look at Asuka-sempai, she’s very serious on making the cut… But it seems that she’s annoyed at Hazuki-chan’s rejection last week!

Anyways, today’s episode is audition time for the concert band club! While there are some members who passed the auditions like Asuka Tanaka, most of them didn’t make the cut.

Take Natsuki Nakagawa for example as she recently practicing right after the whole club is committed to aim for the nationals (as well as having a good reception during the Sunrise Festival). But despite her resurgence, it wasn’t enough for Natsuki to join the rest of the 55-member concert band.

Therefore, the last spot for the euphonium section belongs to Kumiko Oumae.

Speaking of Kumiko Oumae, she got a bit lucky as Kumiko-chan made the cut. Let’s hope that she won’t let Aoi Saitou down once Oumae gets serious (but not too serious like Kousaka-san) on taking the club to the next level!

Other than Kumiko-chan, Sapphire Kawashima and Reina Kousaka made the cut… except for Hazuki Katou in which she’s still a novice when it comes to her tuba performance. Let’s hope that Hazuki-chan will have a shot next year!

As for Reina though, she got a chance to do the solo part ’cause Kousaka-san is so damn special. C’mon, she’s playing the trumpet to all of her lifetime!

Anyways, see ya next week on what will be the next step for Kitauji High School’s concert band club.

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