Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru. Zoku Episode #10

Hayato Hayama… Where are you gonna stop maintaining the status quo and get on with your personal life?

And by the way, there’s a rumor that Hayato-kun is interested at Haruno-san. Still, it’s his fault for making Iroha Isshiki cry!

Speaking of Iroha-chan, seems that her feelings were not badly hurt. In fact, Isshiki won’t give up on her love for Hayato-kun… after being inspired by Hachiman’s genuine feelings!

Please Iroha, don’t embarrass Hikigaya and let’s get on with the committee.

However, it seems that Yukinon decides to shut Tamanawa and his posse up because they’re just all talk and no action!

Speaking of action, Isshiki has an idea of having both a band performance and a stage play on the same Christmas event. See, even this newbie president can speak her damn mind instead of doing nothing!

So apart from Kaori Orimoto, everyone is stunned at Yukino’s “reason that you suck” speech…

Yup, even Tamanawa-san was affected as well. Who’s laughing now, dumb fucker?!

So yes, the committee has ended with positive results. And by the way, I have to correct myself that they’ll not held a joint school festival.

So instead, both schools will do a Christmas event together at a local nursing home, complete with cute angels serving cakes!

Still, it would be nice if Rumi was there… Then again, her classmates will just gonna isolate her anyway.

Anyways, I’m gonna end this episode with the introduction of Yukino’s mother… and she’s voiced by “eternally 17” Kikuko Inoue, no less!

Next episode, what’s gonna happen on Yukinon on her birthday celebration? I hope it’s not gonna be a train-wreck!

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