The Disappearance of Yuki Nagato-chan Episode #10

Woah, seems that Yuki-chan didn’t get hit by a car after all! But in any case, I’m glad that she lived to walk to North High with minor injuries…

…and broken glasses. While Nagato will get a spare soon, something tells me that she looked like the original Yuki Nagato.

Truth to be told, Yuki Nagato’s personality was changed that of the original. That’s right, the clumsy Yuki-chan we know from this spin-off is gone for the time being. While I’m happy to see her stoic behavior back since 2006, I feel that Yuki.N won’t return to her clumsy self from the spin-off!

Meanwhile, I wonder if everyone can see Yuki’s change of personality?

Well it turns out that nobody noticed her stoic behavior, so Kyon talks to Nagato-san like it was a normal conversation.

By the way, seems that Satelight made a mistake there as Yuki’s hands should have been covered with bandages. You can see that her hands are not wrapped on this shot…

But suddenly, her bandages have magically re-appeared afterwards. Seriously Satelight, don’t fuck up with the animation even though you’re busy doing Symphogear GX and Aquarion Logos!

In the end though, not a single person noticed Yuki Nagato’s stoic behavior on this episode.

Nah just kidding, seems that Ryouko Asakura noticed her change of personality as if Yuki Nagato is a different person.

In any case, let’s see what happens on the next episode of this Haruhi Suzumiya spin-off! Speaking of Haruhi-chan, she wasn’t appeared on this episode.

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