Highschool DxD BorN Episode #10

Hi Azazel-sensei, what’s up? Hmm, seems that he’s serious about something…

Oh, seems that Issei Hyoudou got passed out after transforming into Juggernaut Drive last week. Once more, his Boosted Gear is still active in his left hand and it’ll be permanently fixed to his arm due to his emotional scars.

So in the worst-case scenario, Issei might get consumed by Ddraig’s power completely and become a mindless beast!

With no time to waste, it’s up to Asia Argento to return the favor by healing Issei’s deep wounds. Also, mind the random exposure on Asia’s boobies if you can look clearly for it!

So while Asia can revert Issei’s left arm back to normal, his emotional scars might heal just a bit for now…

With that said, Issei Hyoudou woke up from his three-day slumber and he was kissed by Asia-chan. Good job for her!

So their summer vacation has ended as of this episode, but the club didn’t attend the first day of the second term due to extra-curricular activities like competing another Rating Game.

Oh yeah, and it seems that Rossweisse will stay at the Hyoudou residence for the time being as her perverted boss Odin left Rossweisse again! But hey, at least she has something to do like cleaning instead of moping around.

One more thing, Rossweisse is a Christmas Cake and- Wait, it’s better not to hurt her feelings because of her age!

Meanwhile, here’s that prankster Norse god Loki as he was eventually captured surprisingly enough since I saw him ran away last time!

But then again, I wonder what’s his plan anyway apart from bringing Ragnarok?

But anyways, let’s end this episode where Issei Hyoudou…

…met a doppelganger. Not only he fuckin’ seduced Rias-sempai, but that fake Issei throw her into the dreaded Dimensional Gap! Dammit, who did this!?

Well it turns out that it was Loki’s fault for putting a curse for both Issei and Rias, exploiting their insecurities and past scars to his advantage. Now you know that he’s the goddamn prankster Norse god!

So with that said, it’s a race against time for next week as the real Issei will have the save the club president… by asking Vali and the Khaos Brigade for help as they know how to navigate the Dimensional Gap!

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