Hello! Kiniro Mosaic Episode #10

Well, you’ve been waiting for this… It’s the beach episode!

See, even Shinobu wants to shout “Aloha!” on this occasion. Um Shino-chan, I think you should wear a modern swimsuit!

Meanwhile, seems that Karasuma and Kuzehashi-sensei are having fun at the beach. C’mon, those two teachers have nice bodies!

On the other hand, both teachers didn’t saw their students doing their beach activities. It would be bothersome if they meet on this occasion…

For now, let’s enjoy watching these girls having fun at the sun like swimming across the ocean to playing beach volleyball!

On the other hand, Yoko has a nice figure when wearing her bikini swimsuit!

Also, let’s not forget about sand-castle building, although Shino-chan wants to have a fort or a mini-Alice on top of her chest!

Anyways, they made lots of summer memories on this beach episode! Now I wonder what happened to Karasuma and Kuzehashi-sensei?

Oh I see, seems that they want to extend their vacation by staying at a hot springs! Don’t mind about the steam though…

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