Le Eden de la Grisaia Episode #08

Woah Millie, no time no see girl! Looks like she’s getting it on with a male aircrew, I presume? Haha, as if she’s gonna let him fuck her pussy!

Therefore, that hapless guy got beaten up and Millie took his clothes off. But hey, at least that guy has a souvenir!

Anyways, it’s the day of the operation as Amane and her friends (plus Yuuji’s war buddies) are gonna rescue their friend.

Unfortunately, Heath Oslo’s men beat them to the punch. Not only that, but Yuuji was strapped with a nuclear bomb that can cover the whole city if someone carelessly disarm it!

Oh yeah, and only Mr. Oslo can disarm the bomb should Yuuji surrenders to his former master. But you know what, fuck Heath Oslo and the girls won’t let that happen!

So let’s have Makina-chan do the sniping, while Sachi do the rescuing part aside from beating a couple of henchmen…

But hey, Sachi managed to rescue Yuuji-kun and she transport him to Amane’s getaway vehicle!

So while they managed to gain distance against Oslo’s henchmen, it seems that it’s not yet over for Amane, Makina, Sachi, and Michiru.

See that attack helicopter? Yup, Heath Oslo has an ace on his sleeve as he’ll do anything to get Yuuji even if he uses air superiority.

Once more, Kazu- I mean Thanatos got cut off due to her illegal intervention on these events. Long story short, they’re fucked up!

Luckily, Millie is here to save Yuuji’s harem. After all, stealing an air force uniform…

…and a Cobra attack helicopter is easy for this femme fatale! But hey, Millie managed to destroy the enemy helicopter so it’s all good for Amane-chan and the gang!

Oh yeah, and there’s more good news coming on this episode as Julia Bardera rescued Thanatos’ main core.

That’s right, it’s Kazuki Kazami and she’s in the flesh too apart from having a cyborg left arm. Great job there, JB!

With two episodes to go, it’s not over yet for those girls as Yuuji’s life is still in danger. C’mon, he has a miniature nuke strapped on his hand unless Kazuki has a plan on disarming it!

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