Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid Episode #10

This is Sister Chantez Apinion, and she’s gonna take on the mighty Thunder Empress Victoria Dahlgrün!

Oh, and apart from having underboobs for this naughty nun, Chantez can multiply and take Victor-chan’s impenetrable defense down with sheer speed!

Unfortunately, even Chantez’ speed couldn’t scratch Victoria’s defense as the semi-finalist brought Chantez down with a single blow…

And damn, not a normal person could survive that head smash to the floor as Chantez Apinion got knocked-down badly that doctors rushed in to save her life after the match!

But yes, Victoria Dahlgrün’s wrath won the match and she’s moving into the next round. Well, at least Chantez tried her best against the Thunder Empress.

Moving onto the next match as Corona Timil take on Hegemon-style user Einhart Stratos, and it seems that she got stronger as Corona can summon a Golem Hand and throw it against Einhart.

But anyways, tune in next time if Corona can win against Einhart!

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