Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai! Episode #15

Oh look, it’s Yuuta’s sister Yuri and her hubby Shingo! I wanna know if you’re still hiding or you’re already dead?

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s is “real” final episode of PapaKiki as it shows the conclusion of this heart-warming series starring Yuuta Segawa and his cute nieces of the Takanashi family!

One more thing, it was revealed that Sora, Miu, and Hina-chan’s parents were actually dead! My condolences to both of them…

While I wanted a second season of PapaKiki, this final OVA episode skips most of the volumes and goes straight into the last volume of the light novel, so apologize for not seeing most of the events that happened on this series as I didn’t read the whole novel!

Anyways, let’s start the ball rolling with Hina-chan as her cuteness still intact even after she became a grade-school student. Hnnnnng, keep it that way Hina-chan!

Meanwhile, Miu became the idol at her middle school where Sora used to be a student there.

Apart from being an idol, Miu has her sights on becoming a successful fashion designer in the future! I wonder what inspired her to pursue that career?

Well, Miu’s inspiration came from her mother Sasha who is a famous fashion model. Sasha and Miu are currently in good terms… somewhat! C’mon, I didn’t read the novels remember.

Also, I think she’ll get arrested for tress-passing at the Takanashi residence and using the bathroom without their permission!

Finally, here’s Sora Takanashi and Yuuta Segawa as both of them are getting married. Wait, what!?

Okay, so remember that dream sequence where they’ll unite as wife and husband? Well, seems that things got escalated too quickly for both Sora and Yuuta as that dream came true!

Sure that both Sora and Yuuta can take care of Miu and Hina since Yuuta has a job, having a 5 year gap between them could be a challenge!

In any case, congratulations to both Sora and Yuuta for becoming a married couple… and it seems that both Shingo and Yuri gave their blessings for the newly-wed couple before going back to Heaven! Damn, those FEELS are pouring inside me as they exchange their vows and being hugged by their loved ones!

So anyways, this is the end of PapaKiki as Yuuta Segawa and the Takanashi sisters lived happily ever after!

Gotta say, it’s the end of an era for this show even though it didn’t get another season. But hey, Feel did a good job on closing it out with this OVA episode. Kudos to the staff, and it’s time to say farewell to the cast of PapaKiki!

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