The Disappearance of Yuki Nagato-chan Episode #11

Well guys and girls, this spin-off has taken a serious tone as Yuki Nagato is having an identity crisis. Will she revert to the clumsy Yuki-chan or retain her stoic personality?

Also, the atmosphere on this episode is so melancholic, isn’t it?

Anyways, Ryouko Asakura realized that her friend is acting very different. Fearing that Nagato’s condition might get worse, Asakura-san took Yuki to the hospital for a check-up on her brain.

While Nagato’s noggin is fine according to the doctor, I don’t think Yuki’s personality from the spin-off will return at this rate. So I guess that it’s a good sign that the main Haruhi Suzumiya series with a third season? Nah, Kadokawa won’t give us that!

On the other hand, Kyon finally noticed Yuki’s sudden change of her personality. He’s a bit shocked though in regards to Nagato’s current stoic behavior…

But hey, at least Yuki is trying to be like the clumsy girl she used to be… only a few times though with varying degrees of success.

Anyways, onto the next episode and I’m hoping that Haruhi Suzumiya will return!

Also, I’m gonna end this post with a slightly-pissed Ryouko Asakura should you stress her out! You don’t want to get stabbed in the back by this girl!

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