Highschool DxD BorN Episode #11

Well guys and girls, Issei is gonna save Rias-sempai in the Dimensional Gap from that doppelganger made by Loki. Of course, he’s not gonna do it alone as the whole Occult Research Club will join the Red Dragon Emperor!

Oh yeah, and it’s dangerous to go into the Dimensional Gap with his current strength, so Ajuka gave Issei a power-up like promoting to Queen status should he face the club president!

So in order to enter to the Dimensional Gap without being sucked into nothingness, Issei asked Vali for help.

While a team-up between two dragon emperors would be cool, it seems that Vali will lend a member of his team to assist them!

And that member is none other than Arthur Pendragon whose sword called Caliburn can tear through space…

…making an opening towards the Dimensional Gap. But wait, there’s more to his sword as Caliburn can make a barrier to protect Issei and the gang against the vastness of the void for an hour.

But anyways, Arthur’s deed is done as it’s up to the Occult Research Club to save their club president!

Oh look, it’s Rias-buchou… but it seems that she’s ready to beat the shit out of her club members! Why Loki, why!?

Also, what the hell happened to that fake Issei?

Still, it’s gonna be hard for the rest of the club as they tried to talk Rias over. And yes, they couldn’t snap Loki’s mind control over the club president!

Oh yeah, and things got worse when this crystal emerges from Rias’ chest! Something bad will happen, let’s run away!

That’s right, you should run away as Rias Gremory is wearing Scale Mail. Combining with both the Power of Destruction and Ddraig’s powers, there’s a reason why you should escape from Rias-sempai’s wrath!

By the way, Loki found a piece of Ddraig’s armor and made into a crystal, which houses the doppelganger Issei. Now there’s more reason to kill that prankster Norse god!

So with that said, Issei Hyoudou has no other choice by to fight Rias-sempai all by himself as the rest of the Occult Research Club returned to the human world.

Speaking of the human world, Ragnarok has begun and while Issei is busy fighting Rias-sempai, there’s no one will stop Loki’s plans of destroying both the human world and the underworld!

So guys and girls, I’ll reserve my final judgement on the final episode. Will Highschool DxD BorN end up with a whimper or something that’s surprisingly good?

In any case, I hope this fight between Rias and Issei won’t end horribly for both of them!

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