Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru. Zoku Episode #11

For some reason, Iroha Isshiki is getting cuter and cuter lately. I guess she now has the confidence of a real student council president right after Episode 10.

Speaking of Episode 10, it seems that Feel forgot about resolving the subplot to Yukinon’s mother. Oh well, let’s go to this episode…

So anyway, Yumiko Miura asked the Volunteer Club on helping Hayato Hayama, as there’s a rumor that he’s dating someone which will undermine her circle of friends. Oh yeah, and she’s lashing out Yukino Yukinoshita for being with Hayato-kun.

Um sorry Yumiko, but it’s not like both of them are dating as Hayato and Yukinon’s families are somewhat friendly to each other! Also, I don’t think Hayama-kun has no interest on Yukinon as he’s interested in Haruno-san… but that’s just my opinion!

On the other hand Yumiko, why don’t you tell your intimate feelings to Hayato-kun instead of suppressing it!

Speaking of Hayama-kun, he’s sick and tired of being the nice guy for everyone. In fact, he doesn’t like being inferior to the likes of Hikky nor meeting everyone’s expectations, but he has to because everybody loves Hayato!

You know what, I realized that this guy is so hard to read as Hayato’s personality is even complicated than either his posse or Yukinon. Oh yeah, and he’s not dating anyone at the moment because of his circle of friends!

So anyways, Hayato sprint faster to run away against Hachiman… and he never slowed down as he takes the victory for the marathon while Hikky tripped and fell down flat!

But hey, at least Hachiman’s wounds got treated by Yukinon. How lucky are you, Hikigaya-kun!

Also, you’re getting too close there for obvious reasons. Still, both Hikky and Yukinon have no intimate feelings for each other just yet!

So anyways, two episodes to go and let’s hope that something amazing will happen for the next episode!

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