Hello! Kiniro Mosaic Episode #11

Summer vacation is ending and while they’re not worried about homework, seems that they’re enjoying their last days!

Also Alice-chan, would you mind eating the shaved ice very slowly? I mean, you got brain-freeze!

Oh yeah, and it seems that Alice will be going back to the United Kingdom for a month to spend time with her family. Sorry Shino-chan!

Meanwhile, Honoka-chan is getting better in tennis apart from balancing. What’s her secret, perhaps?

Well, the answer is Karen-chan and her beautiful blonde hair. See, Honoka is treating her like a princess!

One more thing, Karen Kujo is joining Alice Cartelet on returning to the UK for a week. So unlike Shinobu Omiya who can’t resist on seeing blonde girls and touching their hair, Honoka Matsubara can live with it and wait for a week!

Speaking of Shino-chan, she’s being comforted by Yoko and Aya for the time being. C’mon Shino-chan, they’ll be back after a week!

See, both Yoko and Ayaya are there for you and I hope you don’t have any wild thoughts about them.

Nah, I don’t think she can take it as Shino-chan is having a dream where evil sorceress Karen and her two minions turned her into a kokeshi doll. So scary!

Luckily, only the combined power of both Yoko and Aya can beat Karen and turn Shino-chan back to- Wait, I think both of them are using Shinobu Omiya as their power-up!

Anyways, one episode to go…

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