Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru. Zoku Episode #12

Isshiki, looks like you’re making more moves on Hikky lately! I’m hoping that he likes your chocolate creations, Iroha-chan!

Speaking of chocolates, it’s an event made by the student council where its pretext is simply taste-testing some of the homemade chocolate from the students.

In truth, it’s just a way to shove Hayato Hayama some homemade chocolate since he can’t accept any during Valentine’s Day, not even courtesy ones!

Well, it did pay off and Hayato is eating chocolate made by either Yumiko Miura or Iroha Isshiki. By the way Isshiki, save some of that for Hachiman will ya?

Oh look, it’s that Tamanawa guy (or who the hell he is) and Kaori Orimoto as the whole student council from Kaihin High School are joining in on this occasion. I still hate that president though for making unnecessary gestures!

In any case, everyone is invited which includes Saki Kawasaki and her cute little sister. Too bad that either Rumi Tsurumi nor Yoshiteru Zaimokuza didn’t join this event!

But yeah, the event was a success and everybody is happy…

Scratch that, not everyone is happy though as Yukinon’s mother is worried about her future. I wonder if she’s gonna take the same path as Haruno, move to a different career in life from the rest of her family, or stay the same after graduation?

Anyways, onto the last episode… But you know what Yukinon, I think you should get a boyfriend like Hachiman, which is wrong but it’s better than being forced to love someone that you don’t like!

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