Hello! Kiniro Mosaic Episode #12

Oh hi there Shino-chan, glad that you arrived in England to see Alice!

I mean, she’s very happy to see you again despite struggling to get a passport and-

Oh, that’s Karen-chan dressing up as Shinobu Omiya. Damn, where’s my “But it was me, Dio!” meme to put this one?

But seriously Karen, that’s awful for pulling this horrible trick- Oh wait, seems that Alice loves it!

But anyways, they returned to Japan and Shino-chan is happy to see both Alice and Karen back!

So with that said, it’s time to move their friendship to the next level…

And that’s by Alice teaching Shino-chan how to speak and write English in order to become an interpreter. Look how strict Alice is when tutoring her precious friend!

But you know what, I rather have Shinobu become not just an interpreter but a fashion designer. After all, she can make costumes without much effort!

Heck, even Yoko and Ayaya are helping Shino-chan on reaching her dream! Don’t give up Shino-chan, you’ll become a great interpreter/fashion designer compared to that future barista/lawyer/baker Cocoa-san from GochiUsa!

And that’s about it for Hello! Kiniro Mosaic as the main quintet head off into the sunset!

Kudos to Studio Gokumi for making this show more cuter than the first season. While I want more of KinMosa, I think it’s best to wait for 2-3 years until it’s time for Season 3!

Until then, it’s time to say farewell for Shino-chan and her friends…

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