Sound! Euphonium Episode #12

Wow, seems that Kumiko Oumae is getting serious on playing the euphonium after seeing Reina Kousaka’s performance last week!

However, Kumiko-chan is struggling and she couldn’t handle the intense pressure. So therefore, Taki-sensei sit her out during practice!

And yes, Kumiko got very upset over her exclusion on the practice session. See, she looked so dejected as Oumae-san ran until her legs got tired! Of course, she’s not the only one though as Shuuichi Tsukamoto is struggling as well.

But you know what, all she needs is to calm herself down and correct some mistakes like timing, tone, etc. Of course, the road to the nationals is fast approaching and I’m hoping that Kumiko is ready to not only surpassed Taki-sensei’s expectation, but the whole competition!

Anyways, onto the last episode…

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