Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku Episode #12

Remember this girl back in Episode 2? Turns out that she’s actually Eruna’s ancestor, who happened to be one of the founding people behind Mikagura Academy’s emergence as a school that houses extra-ordinary talents among the students.

Oh, and the Ichinomiya family are somewhat related to both Mikagura and Ninomiya. It’s a small world, huh?

Anyways, back to the main plot as Eruna and Bimii returned to the real world after being stuck in Seisa’s closed space!

Good thing she was saved by Shigure “Hero Time” Ninomiya, but as for Bimii though… he was not unfortunately. But don’t worry, Bimii is a-okay!

Oh yeah, and it seems that Seisa-sempai’s uncontrollable power has already left its mark as the old school building was completely destroyed! The good news is that nobody got hurt, but it seems that everyone is curious on what’s left of the old school building.

In any case, the incident is already over and now it’s time for what’s important right now… That’s right, the midterm battle tournament!

As you can see, Eruna-chan is moving up to the championship match, defeating foes like Himi Yasaka from the Calligraphy Club. Honestly, seeing Eruna pumped-up makes this fight more exciting instead of being depressing and serious!

Anyways, Eruna-chan has reached into the championship match and now she’s ready to fight against Kyouma Kuzuryuu!

But then, Kyouma got abducted by the Drama Club (and he sucked at yelling “Help!” by the way…) so it seems that there’s no one will challenge Eruna-chan for the title!

That’s until Seisa Mikagura shows up and she challenges Eruna Ichinomiya for the midterm tournament title.

Damn, I have a bad feeling about this… Even though her power is unstable, I feel that Seisa-sempai is gonna curbstomp Eruna-chan again!

And yet, seems that they’re enjoying the battle instead of getting serious on winning it. After all, Eruna doesn’t want to betray Seisa-sempai, she wants to be her best buddy!

And so, this is where Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku has gone Dragonball Z with this spectacular aerial battle. Who needs fireworks where you have both Eruna and Seisa flying around the sky (or space)!

As for the fight itself, it ended in a draw…

However, neither Eruna nor Seisa have any harsh feelings towards each other. And that’s a good thing because Seisa-sempai has decided to join Eruna’s club, which is now officially called “Afterschool Paradise Club” where they perform various songs from Last Note.

Anyways, that’s the end of Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku! Gotta say that it was better than Mekaku City Actors, but it seems that I want it more in regards to character development like Yuuto Akama and Seisa Mikagura.

Sadly though, I feel that Dogakobo won’t make another season of this. But hey, I gotta give props to them on making this show enjoyable! In any case, time to say farewell to the students of Mikagura Academy!

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