The Disappearance of Yuki Nagato-chan Episode #13

Look at those memories from the other Yuki Nagato, isn’t it nice to see those? Sadly though, her current self is starting to fade away…

And to add more misery, the “not-so” stoic Nagato-san is in love with Kyon. Damn, that ain’t good!

So with time running out, there’s one thing Nagato-san needs to do. While she wanted to call Kyon, it seems that Nagato-san answered his call instead!

And without any hesitation, Yuki Nagato-san told Kyon that she loved him!

And after that call, Nagato-san is starting to lose consciousness, which is bad ’cause the clumsy Yuki-chan will return once the stoic Nagato-san fell asleep!

In any case, Kyon rushes into the scene where Nagato-san sits there, waiting for someone like him to pick her up!

But alas, he was too little too late as Kyon saw her sleeping. Once she wake up, the klutzy Yuki-chan will emerge from her slumber and act awkwardly towards Kyon.

Also Kyon, you should have replied to Nagato-san when you have the chance. Sadly though, he didn’t respond to her confession!

Anyways, next episode is just another normal day on this spin-off!

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