Shinmai Maou no Testament Episodes #05 & 06

Here’s Maria, the cheekiest succubus that you ever met. Also, she’s waking Basara up…

…by being inside his shirt with nothing but her birthday suit. Of course, Basara won’t let Maria go further so he smack her in the noggin!

Oh look, it’s Yuki Nonaka and- Wait, how did she get here? Don’t tell me that Maria let her it!?

But who cares ’bout that as Yuki scrubs his back while her lovely breasts is in full view!

All she needs now is rub Basara’s penis with her boobies and-

Oops, seems that Mio Naruse caught her brother red-handed… and she’s starting to get aroused again thanks to the Master-Servant Contract.

Well, talk about bad timing there Mio-chan!

So, Basara has no choice but to relieve Mio’s pain by groping her boobies. C’mon, that’s the only way to let her live!

And by the way, if an enemy kidnaps Mio-chan, she’ll die without “onii-chan” at her side and also her demonic powers will fall into the wrong hands!

Moving onto the next scene as Basacchi was invited by Yuki-chan for a date. C’mon, they’re childhood friends remember?

However, their date was interrupted when Valga appeared to take Mio Naruse back to the underworld, considering that he supposed to observed the future demon lord.

Man, are they desperate to take her demonic powers badly?

So Basara fought Valga on top of the department store, but it seems that he’s having a hard time beating an agent from the underworld.

Soon, Valga was defeated but it’s not Basacchi who dealt the final blow…

It’s this guy named Takashi Hayase from the hero clan, who has a spear that houses the White Tiger of the West, Byakko. That mean, he’s pretty much stronger than Basara at this point.

Oh, and Takashi didn’t come alone as he has two fellow heroes at his side: Shiba Kyouichi and Kurumi Nonaka. Speaking of Kurumi-chan, she kidnapped Yuki and forced her older sister to kill Mio Naruse. C’mon, Mio is too dangerous to live should her demonic powers goes out of control!

In any case, the hero trio challenged Basara to a duel. Of course, they’re not expecting him to come alone for a 3-on-1 match, so they asked him to bring Mio and Maria-chan ’cause it’ll be boring if they beat Basacchi easily.

But nevertheless, Basara’s current strength couldn’t match against Takashi and his fellow heroes. However, there’s another way to boost his powers apart from doing combat training…

And that’s by doing lewd things to Mio Naruse in order to power up. Don’t mind clicking the picture for the full view of Mio’s lovely body!

So let’s get started right away where Basacchi pours honey onto Mio’s boobies…

…and suck her titties. That’ll sure boost their respective powers effectively, but I rather have Basara fuck Mio ala Fate/Stay Night!

Oh and Issei-kun, you like to suck Rias’ titties right? Guess what, you can’t because only Basara can do it (apart from Fujimi Shobo not allowing borderline hentai things like sucking titties)!

But anyway, sucking Mio’s boobies would do the trick and- Wait, is Maria masturbating over there? In any case, let’s hope that their bonding would overcome the hero trio (plus Yuki Nonaka)!

Well then, I see you next month for Eps. 7 and 8.

Oh, and make sure that you finished sucking Basara’s fingers ala Akeno-san. Lick all of his fingers nice and clean without any spill of honey on the floor!

And look, Mio is enjoying it. But seriously, I want Basara to just fuck her silly!

One more thing, there’s a new OVA episode for Shinmai Maou no Testament that was released recently, but I’ll watched it right after finishing this series!

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