Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru. Zoku Episode #13

Wow Yukino, are you sure that you want to give Yui some handmade biscuits? Well that’s great of you!

Also, don’t forget to give Hachiman some biscuits too. Of course, seems that Yukinon got blushed by it!

Meanwhile, it’s Haruno-san and she’s butting in on Yukino’s personal affairs. But you know what, I rather have Yukinon treading her own path rather than following on your footsteps!

However, I don’t know if Yukinon can act and think for herself at this moment. Maybe a push from either Yui or Hachiman would put her in the right direction!

For now, Yukino has to rely on her friends for the time being. If there’s another season of OreGairu, I think the author of the light novel should involve on resolving Yukinon’s woes!

Speaking of Yukinon, she was invited by Yui to stay at her house together with Hikky!

Oh, and they met Yui’s bumbling mother. For some reason, she’s somewhat a splitting image on her daughter personality-wise!

After staying at Yui’s house (no threesome I’m afraid), they went outside for a date like visiting the local aquarium and having fun at the amusement park!

Although Yukinon is enjoying the date, her personal problems remained unresolved…

And so, Yukinon asked both Hachiman and Yui-chan a request on moving onto her life without any regrets nor unresolved woes! And after saying that, it ends there…

But that’s OreGairu. Zoku where it ends on a cliffhanger. I guess the staff just caught up with the latest volume of Wataru Watari’s light novel series.

But you know what, even though it ended this way at least I enjoyed some of the moments that happened on this second season. Everything felt dramatic in contrast to the light-hearted first season, which is somewhat good as there’s development to some of the characters on this series!

Of course, I feel that I wanted it more on OreGairu as there’s more plot points that needs to be done like Yukino and her family, as well as Hayato Hayama and his posse where their relationship remained in status quo. Until then, it’ll take a few years before Wataru Wataru and the staff decides to do the third (and final) season of OreGairu, so it’s time to leave the Volunteer Club for the time being!

In any case, see ya Hachiman and friends and we’ll meet again in the future…

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