Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid Episodes #11 & #12

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the finale of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid where I have to combine the last two episode on this post.

Anyways, Einhart Stratos shows that this match against Corona Timil is in the bag as she demolished Corona’s Goliath with her fist!

But you know what, it’s not like Corona is a pushover as she can counter Einhart’s punches and kicks due to her body automation. Basically, Corona is a cyborg as her body is automatically controlled (via Goliath) when Einhart attacks her!

Unfortunately, even her body automation ability has its limits as Corona is lagging over-time and her body is on a brink of having broken bones and torn muscles.

Therefore, Einhart can counter her attacks easily!

But despite that, Corona doesn’t give up as she desperately throws everything at Einhart including a golem arm!

Then again, it’ll have the same result as Einhart is ready to counter every attack.

So in the end, Einhart Stratos won the match and she’s moving onto the next round. However, I would like to congratulate Corona Timil for a gutsy effort for this match!

And speaking of Corona, I think she’ll have a long time to recover from her injuries during the fight against Einhart. Again, kudos to her courageous effort!

Meanwhile, let’s move onto the next match as Lutecia Alpine makes her debut in the tournament!

Oh, and Lutecia’s reflect magic easily demolished her opponent. I feel sorry for that Sakura Kinomoto-expy…

See, she didn’t have a chance to attack Lu-chan. With that said, she’ll move onto the next round

As for her next opponent, Lutecia might face Fabia Crozelg who is a witch… A real witch that uses black magic.

In any case, I can’t wait to see that match!

But unfortunately, it’s time to end Nanoha ViVid for the time being. As for Corona-chan, she’s a-okay and she’s able to meet her friends: Rio and Vivio!

Well, there’s next time for Corona Timil but I feel that I wanted more on this series. C’mon, I wanna see Vivio-chan taking on Miura!

Anyways, it’s weird for A-1 Pictures to end Nanoha ViVid like this. I mean, there’s 6 years worth of materials to animate so why stop there? Oh well, it’s time to say good-bye to Vivio and friends!

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