Sound! Euphonium Episode #13

Oh hi there Kumiko, seems that you’ve changed your hairstyle back to a ponytail. I guess she’s serious on this competition!

In any case, this is make or break for Kitauji High School Concert Band Club on this final episode!

Meanwhile, I’m hoping that Shuichi Tsukamoto won’t screw his part up. But whether he does great or not during the performance, Shuichi will be forever friend-zoned!

With that said, let’s move onto the main event…

And now, let’s show their fruits of labor as Noboru Taki leads the club as the hot bespectacled conductor!

And the result, it was majestic as heck thanks to Kyoto Animation doing great things on this episode. Seeing the characters play their instruments accurately without using CGI is amazing to see!

But yes, Kitauji’s performance is so pleasing to hear that both Hazuki and Natsuki-sempai were amazed.

Um you two, you’re supposed to hear the music. Oh, and you’re getting closer to each other or you might become a yuri couple even though Natsuki will graduate once Summer ends!

So yes, their performance ends on a high note and everyone took their part splendidly. Heck, Reina Kousaka was amazing during her trumpet solo!

Now that the main competition is over, let’s see the results on whether their efforts are in vain or not.

And it turns out, they not only got gold but Kitauji High got qualified for the regional competition. Congratulations to Kitauji’s Concert Band Club for going past the preliminaries, and let’s hope that they reached the nationals if they continue their run!

In any case, that ends Sound! Euphonium as Kitauji celebrates their major accomplishment. As expected from Kyoto Animation, they did an amazing job on this anime adaptation and I hope that KyoAni make another season of this!

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