Spring 2015: The end of the rest…

“DOMO, I am Darkninja-san!”

This episode is brought you by Darkninja-san from Ninja Slayer. It’s still bad when it comes to animation and not to mention the order of events, yet it’s still good to watch for shits and giggles due to how ridiculous is!

01. Denpa Kyoushi

Speaking of a certain bad (but worst) anime, Denpa Kyoushi moved up a bit in terms of story. It’s still sucks in terms of animation however, and I couldn’t accept Suzune’s voice at all even though Rena Matsui will graduate from SKE48 at the end of August!

In any case, Junichiro Kagami saved some of the students at Icho Academy. In addition to Seijurou Nanami and Kanan Chinami, Kagami-sensei put two traunts back to school like Sachiko Tanaka who is a mangaka under her pen name “Kisaki Tenjoin”, and Koutarou Araki who is a cross-dresser and a famous MMORPG player under the name “Luce”.

Oh yeah, and as for Koutarou-kun, I’m glad that nobody scorned him for dressing up as a girl. Sure that some societies don’t accept cross-dressers, but I feel that everyone should accept people regardless of their sexual orientation or their hobbies.

02. Punch Line

Moving onto Punch Line where it was a roller-coaster ride in the build-up for the climax!

First of all, Yuuta’s body is being possessed by his future self who wanted to save the world after countless failures. Second, Yuuta Iridatsu’s real identity is revealed to be Pine and it’s more complicated from there as Pine went to Chiyoko’s body and became Yuuta. Long story short, Yuuta (Pine) is possessing a girl’s body!

Speaking of Pine, he finally prevented the destruction of Earth together with the rest of Justice Punch. But with Narugino (or Chiyoko) dying after going into Uberfication against Guriko (which possesses Pine’s body), Yuuta decides to give Chiyoko her body back so that she may live. Hence, you can see Chiyoko chasing Chiranosuke!

In any case, it was a good ending for MAPPA’s latest series where the tenants of Korai House lived happily ever after… unless Yuuta aimed for the best ending where he lived together with Narugino, Ito-chan, Rabura-san, and Meika. Then again, that golden ending is reserved for the upcoming tie-in game so you have to buy one in order to see it!

03. Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru no Darou ka?

For DanMachi, I have to say that Bell Cranel has become like Kirito. Okay, scratch that comparison to Kirito as it was revealed that Bell Cranel is actually a reincarnated Heracles (or Hercules) and his grandfather is none other than Zeus. No wonder he explains that “peeking is part of a man’s rrrrrrromance!”

Apart from being overpowered, Bell treasures his comrades and Hestia very much. Heck, he doesn’t like abandoning people even thugs. That’s right, even haters are being saved by Bell-kun.

Overall, DanMachi is a decent series that you can enjoy watching it. While I want a second season on this series, I feel that it won’t happen in the near future!

04. Re-Kan!

For Re-Kan!, it seems that it ended on a good note despite having average animation. What can I say, it’s so heart-warming to watch Re-Kan! once this show reached the latter half. And honestly, seeing Hibiki Amami with her friends, both living and dead, makes my heart felt tingly inside!

Apart from that, having Hibiki meeting her deceased mother for the first time is amazing even though she’ll lose her powers to see ghosts. Luckily, Hibiki’s ghostly friends came back to her afterwards so it’s all great for her.

In the end, it’s a decent series to watch should you go past the average visuals!

05. Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

And finally, here’s Ryuu Yamada as he finally found all of the witches at Suzaku High School… and grants a wish in which he wants all of the witches’ powers gone for good. In fact, Yamada-kun doesn’t want to be forgotten by everyone just like the last witch Rika Saionji.

But yes, it’s a decent end to this series and everyone lived happily ever after, including student council president Haruka Yamazaki who acted like an asshole during the last few episodes.

And one more thing, Yamada-kun has finally confessed to Urara Shiraishi on his true feelings, although it seems that they’ll just be friends for the time being as they didn’t kiss for reals!

Well guys and girls, I’m gonna end this post with Kaoru and Hajime from Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken. While they’re excited to have a child of their own, I was bummed that this series didn’t show the baby!

Anyways, off to Summer 2015!

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