Ore Monogatari!! Episode #12

This is Takeo Gouda and he’s still amazing as a goalkeeper. Sorry for the opposing team on having to face a big, tough wall like Takeo-kun!

Oh, and he can do ice skating (with tricks) easily after trying it once. Basically, he can do anything except for basketball and dancing…

Oh, and not to mention being an idiot when it comes to studies as Takeo’s grades are below-average. So when Rinko-chan decides to take a mock exam for her college of choice, Takeo got serious on studying so he can join Rinko after graduating high school.

By the way, he and Yamato went to Suna’s apartment to work on academics without any interruption. And by interruption, I meant Gouda’s parents!

Yes, his doting parents are so excited of their son having a girlfriend, that he and Rinko-chan were getting pampered all the time!

Sorry you two, I know that you love your precious son but Takeo needs to concentrate!

In any case, it’s the day of the mock exam as Takeo Gouda answered all of the questions. He almost missed one and two by the way…

However, the results he received is “indeterminate”, meaning that what he get is irrelevant as Takeo found out that he’s going to a prestigious women’s university! Speaking of enrolling to a women’s university in the future, Rinko Yamato failed the mock exam.

But hey, there’s still next time for both of them. And speaking of next time, I’m gonna blog Episodes 13 and 14 next week! See ya…

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