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Charlotte Episode #01

From the studio and staff that brought you Angel Beats!, comes a new series where this character named Yuu Otosaka wanted to be like Lelouch Lamperouge. Just kidding about the Lelouch part, but let’s begin on how Yuu got here … Continue reading

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Amagi Brilliant Park Episode #14

Oh look, it’s Seiya Kanie and he looks so vain as usual! What he doesn’t know that it’s his birthday on this episode! Oh yeah, and Sento-san is gonna give him a present… Just hoping that it’s not gonna be … Continue reading

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Durarara!!×2 Episode #13

Yo Izaya, you sure survive that knife stab from a certain Yodogiri! Oh yeah, and you seems so bored that you want to get out! In any case, the second part of Durarara!!×2 begins right after the scuffle between Dollars … Continue reading

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Working!!! Episode #01

Uh-oh, seems like Popura Taneshima was passed over in favor of this cute little girl hanging behind Katanashi-kun’s back!

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Symphogear GX Episode #01

This post is brought you by Maria Cadenzavna Eve and Tsubasa Kazanari as they join forces to bring epic music in London, United Kingdom! Long story short, Symphogear is back for another season!

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