Amagi Brilliant Park Episode #14

Oh look, it’s Seiya Kanie and he looks so vain as usual! What he doesn’t know that it’s his birthday on this episode!

Oh yeah, and Sento-san is gonna give him a present… Just hoping that it’s not gonna be a prank!

Anyways, this is the extra episode of Amagi Brilliant Park where the premise of this OVA seems normal as Moffle and the part-time recruits went to a kindergarten to promote their park to the kids.

But it soon turned into a wrestling event where the rights to hold the Fall Hike is on the line.

By the way, those koala mascots from Tama Kart Land sure wants to ravage on those female part-timers! Poor Eiko-san, she got beaten easily…

But then, Biino and Shiina turned it around through sheer luck. In any case, they got the rights to hold the Fall Hike, and now they’re returning to Amagi Brilliant Park to deliver the good news!

Meanwhile at Amagi Brilliant Park, things got complicated and hectic as Muse got a stiff neck and she couldn’t perform well as part of Elementario. So, Muse was forced to become a princess for today in which she make lots of croquettes. For the rest, Latifah-sama becomes a secretary while Isuzu Sento joined Elementario for a day!

Sadly though, it got worse for three of them as Muse couldn’t handle peeling a large batch of onions and potatoes, while Latifah couldn’t handle the pressure of taking urgent calls and solving various crises inside the park.

As for Sento-san though, she sucked at acting so the Elemetario show was cancelled. Well, my condolences to those three girls!

Anyways, let’s end this episode as the staff celebrates Seiya’s birthday. After all the chaos that happened on this episode, they have the time to surprise their boss!

Now then, let’s open up the present from Sento-san…

But it turns out that she gave him lots of bugs instead. Damn, I knew that it was a prank gift!

Just kidding, it turns out that it was those pesky kids who put those bugs, thinking that it was meant for Sento-san. Those cheeky kindergarteners!

Anyways, that’s it for Amagi Brilliant Park. Maybe in the future, Kyoto Animation will make another season of Shoji Gatou’s latest series. But then again, most of the fans want another season of Full Metal Panic!

PS: Blame Kadokawa for not giving you FMP! Season 3…

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