Charlotte Episode #01

From the studio and staff that brought you Angel Beats!, comes a new series where this character named Yuu Otosaka wanted to be like Lelouch Lamperouge.

Just kidding about the Lelouch part, but let’s begin on how Yuu got here in the first place?

Well you see, Yuu has the power to possess people he made contact with for five seconds. That’s right, five damn seconds just to see a girl’s boobies…

…not to mention flipping skirts and seeing panties without further repercussions!

Oh yeah, and he somehow cheated his way on attending a prestigious high school. And that’s how he became an elite student because of his “imperfect” powers.

But that’s until he met Nao Tomori in which she invites him to Hoshinoumi Academy due to his powers. Naturally, Yuu refused on her request and ran away…

…until Nao’s right hand man Jojirou Takajou grabbed Yuu Otosaka via teleportation. And damn, his body is like a stone being skipped over water!

But yes, Nao and Jojirou will do anything until Yuu-kun surrendered to their request. Otosaka eventually yield to them and he finally transferred to Hoshinoumi Academy.

Oh, and for good measure, Otosaka saw Tomori’s ability to become invisible and beat the shit out of him.

Sorry Yuu-kun, but you have to attend to their school because of your powers. And speaking of powers, it’s not permanent though as it’ll eventually worn out and disappear over-time.

But hey, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for this guy as he’ll be visited by Yumi Shirayanagi!

Then again, I’ll take it back as Yumi just friend-zoned Yuu-kun. Whoops, my bad!

And looked, he got devastated due to that awful rejection. Please accept my condolences, Otosaka-san!

Anyways, it’s gonna be a great series coming from Jun Maeda and P.A.Works. Oh wait, let’s not get hyped on Charlotte as it might turned into a mess in later episodes!

With that said, let’s move onto the next episode…

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