Working!!! Episode #01

Uh-oh, seems like Popura Taneshima was passed over in favor of this cute little girl hanging behind Katanashi-kun’s back!

But don’t worry Popura-chan, Souta Takanashi will not abandon you… Just don’t grow taller, okay?

In any case, the people at Wagnaria returned for the third (and potentially final) season of Working!! It’s been five years since I’ve started watching this show by A-1 Pictures, and I’m hoping that it’ll have a grand finale since the manga is already finished last year!

So with that said, here’s the introductory episode where you re-kindle those memories from previous seasons and get acquainted with the characters like Katanashi-kun and Popura-chan!

By the way, here’s Kirio Yamada and it seems that he found Otoo-san’s wife. But then Kirio let go of her as he found the wrong person.

Really Kirio-kun, what a stupid move!

Don’t worry though, Aoi-chan found Haruna-san and brought here to Wagnaria, which is perfect as Hyougo Otoo-san is coming to check the family restaurant and give souvenirs to Kyouko Shirafuji!

Just don’t let her go this time, Aoi Yamada…

Oh, and let Yachiyo-san and Souma-san lock her up until Otoo-san went inside the restaurant.

Unfortunately, it seems that Haruna-san disappeared again after sealing every escape route. Damn, did she learned how to get out from Harry Houdini!?

Anyways, it’s great to be back in Wagnaria and I hope that next week’s episode would be awesome!

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