The Disappearance of Yuki Nagato-chan Episode #14

Hi Yuki-chan, Nagato-san said that it’s time to get up and go back to your own body. Oh, and she told the clumsy Yuki Nagato about the confession!

And look, the clumsy Nagato got flustered about it. Well then Yuki-chan, it’s time for you to tell how you feel for Kyon. With that said, welcome back Yuki-chan!

And speaking of comebacks, a certain Haruhi Suzumiya has returned together with Itsuki Koizumi. In any case, welcome back Haruhi-chan!

In any case, it’s time for the Tanabata festival where the Literature Club are making preparations for the festival like putting wishes on bamboo leaves.

Um Yuki-chan, you should make a wish that you want to stay with Kyon forever! Scratch that, tell Kyon that you love him even though you’ll get embarrassed!

One last thing, seems that we now have a love triangle as Haruhi is expecting Kyon to remember the day he helped her. C’mon, he’s the reason why Haruhi became what she was today!

Of course, I wonder how Satelight will handle this new development with 2 episodes to go. In any case, let’s hope that it won’t go badly!

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