Gakkou Gurashi Episode #01

Ladies and gentlemen, this anime series made by Lerche is pretty much your typical slice-of-life show, where you have cute girls doing various things just like any Manga Time Kirara title.

No really, there’s nothing wrong with Gakkou Gurashi!

See, you have Yuri Wakasa cooking spaghetti for the School Living Club members and eating together. See, there’s nothing bad about it!

Heck, Yuki Takeya has some time chatting with her classmates. In any case, Gakkou Gurashi is just an ordinary slice-of-life series!

However, there’s one problem. You see, all of this is just fantasy…

This is reality! See those broken glass and those blood splatters? It’s the result of a serious situation.

And that involves zombies limping outside of the school, waiting for fresh meat. Yeah, this show got me surprised thanks to Nitroplus’ involvement!

In any case, welcome to Gakkou Gurashi where girls do cute things and surviving a zombie apocalypse whatever they can. For now, I see you next week to find out if those girls are losing their wits, especially Yuki-chan!

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