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Charlotte Episode #02

Aww, look at Yuu’s sister Ayumi-chan… Isn’t it cute that she’s cooking omelet rice for her brother! On the other hand, Yuu was not pleased as he already ate omelet rice yesterday. Be grateful for once, you Seiya Kanie clone!

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Working!!! Episode #02

Here’s a new character introduced on this episode. This is Tooru Minegishi and he’s related to the Takanashi family. And that’s because Minegashi-san is Kazue’s ex-husband…

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Symphogear GX Episode #02

This is Carol Malus Dienheim, and she shows Hibiki Tachibana that her alchemy is the best in the world. And so, Carol challenged Hibiki to a duel…

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Ore Monogatari!! Episodes #13 & #14

Let’s start this two-part episode with a birthday celebration… …to Makoto Sunakawa! C’mon, Takeo Gouda is treating Suna today since he has a part-time job. As for Gouda-kun’s part-time job, it’s nothing special about it.

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See that guy over there? That’s me! (Pls. click the link for the original Tweet!) Two weeks ago on June 27th, I went to a concert and it was a blast there! And despite losing my voice, I gave my … Continue reading

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