Ore Monogatari!! Episodes #13 & #14

Let’s start this two-part episode with a birthday celebration…

…to Makoto Sunakawa! C’mon, Takeo Gouda is treating Suna today since he has a part-time job.

As for Gouda-kun’s part-time job, it’s nothing special about it.

Well, it’s more like a themed cafe where you have macho men serving up customers instead of maids. Yeah, with so many muscles that Yamato might faint, but her heart belongs to Takeo-kun because he’s the manliest of all!

Meanwhile, let’s introduce this new character named Hayato Oda who wanted to meet Takeo Gouda in person.

Unfortunately, Hayato met Gouda’s bishonen friend instead, thinking that Makoto Sunakawa is Gouda-kun.

But with that said, Oda-san picked up the wrong person to mess with. Oh yeah, that’s the real Takeo Gouda and Hayato couldn’t believe it!

One more thing, Hayato has a crush on Makoto’s sister. While Ai-chan got rejected already, her heart still yearns for Takeo-kun.

So yes, Hayato was bothered by it and so he invites Takeo, Rinko-chan, and the Sunakawa siblings to MM Land. Oh yeah, and it’s a spoof/rip-off/clone to Disneyland!

The reason why Oda-san wants to go to MM Land because there’s a jinx where couple break up after going to that theme park together. I’m not sure that it’s gonna work though…

And despite Hayato’s efforts on separating both Rinko-chan and Takeo-kun, they managed to stick together in the end. Heh, who needs some stupid jinx to break this couple up!

In any case, both Rinko-chan and Takeo-kun stayed together as a couple and it’s sad to say that Hayato’s plan didn’t go smoothly…

As for Ai-chan though, she decides to give up on Gouda as he saw her as a big sister. As for Hayato, he won’t give up on dating Ai Sunakawa after that screw-up in MM Land!

In any case, I leave you with this couple sharing this moment together before Makoto butted in! Why do you have to ruin this moment, Suna!?

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