Durarara!!×2 Episode #14

Hey guys and guys, guess who’s back? It’s Vorona and she had a change of heart by working in Russia Sushi as a waitress.

Seems that both Simon Brezhnev and Dennis did a great job on teaching her to be a nice girl after working for Jinnai Yodogiri!

Of course, Vorona doesn’t like being sexually harassed so it’s time for Simon to limit his joke remarks. By the way Vorona, where’s Slon?

Anyways, this episode will focus on Seiji Yagiri’s girlfriend Mika Harima. As for Aoba Kuronuma getting acquainted with Celty Sturluson and Shinra Kishitani, that’ll be saved for later episodes!

Back to the main plot where Mika Harima was invited by someone. Oh yeah, and she’s holding a spade not just for self-defense, but Mika is using it to eat Celty’s head. Sick as fuck!

As for the person who invited Mika to this unusual place?

Well, that person turned out to be Namie Yagiri who is very obsessive when it comes to her dear brother Seiji.

Oh, and she’s gonna kill Mika for taking Seiji away. Of course, all I need for her is some yandere eyes and an aura to boot!

With that said, Namie attacked Mika-chan and I’m glad that she used that spade to parry Namie’s attacks! Sadly though, Namie beat her to the punch…

Oh and for good measure, Namie is about to put acid onto Mika’s cute face before hacking her neck! See, what Namie needs is some yandere eyes to fit her obsessive behavior!

But before her face gets disfigured, Mika told Namie about secrets out of the blue like Mikado Ryuugamine being the leader of Dollars, Izaya and Namie tricking people under the alias Nakura, and various events that happened back in Eps. 1-12.

Honestly, Mika’s relationship with Seiji will change once he hears that. But now, it’s time for Namie to pour acid onto Mika’s face and kill her!

Luckily, Seiji made it just in time to interrupt their soon-to-be bloody cat-fight!

Sure that you saved Mika from having her neck hacked, but what can he do to stop his yandere sister?

Well, why not kiss her… in the lips! Yeah, surprise incest but I prefer Izaya’s sisters doing yuri things together!

Also, Seiji didn’t actually kiss her in the lips as he just put his fingers between them. Sorry to burst your bubble, Namie-san!

In any case, all’s well that ends well for this couple, although Seiji doesn’t want Mika-chan on eating Celty’s precious head!

Speaking of Celty, she looked great in that school uniform. Nice taste there, Shinra!

Now then, off to next week’s episode…

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